November 3rd, 2018

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November 3rd 2018 – Mecc Maastricht

The concept has become one of the best 90’s indoor events of the Benelux. The previous prior of the first edition in 2011 was set and also reached. Last year the event was completely sold out and the Mecc was completely transformed into a mega disco with a magic concert stage. This concept is named 90’s Forever, with a conscious choice to combine or make an overlap to the year 2000, the millennium.

For many people a very special time that created much movement in the music business. Therefore the choices of artists (main acts) are specially selected based on this whole period with also a clear vision to involve the border area’s (Netherlands, Belgium and Germany) in the concept. Meanwhile there is also interest from abroad to exploit this great concept and we are glad to mention that we are working on a special outdoor 90’s festival Edition! More information will follow soon. -> Read More


Heb jij je ticket al binnen, maar je vrienden nog niet? Goed nieuws! Verkoop nu tickets tegen "een vriendenprijsje" en verdien gratis drankmunten of unieke ervaringen! Hoe makkelijk kan het zijn😍. Link in de comment 👇🏻
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Julie Höppener Samuel Rilana toch maar vandaag of morgen al bestellen😬

Jill Remco Remco Damen Brian Wasbauer bijnao oetverkoch 🙈🤗

Evie Colier Joery Kluitenberg Mrk Slden Senna Gijsen

"90's Forever ticketverkoop breekt alle records!"

JA, november is het weer zover. Hier MOET jij samen met je vrienden zijn geweest! Maar wie van je vriendengroep is de smoesjeskoning of koningin en heeft zijn of haar ticket nog altijd niet in huis? Tag hem/haar maar even in de comments👇🏻
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Tickets zijn al binnen he Audrey Goverde 🕺🕺🕺🍻🍻🍻 nog ff wachten

Kim Bechholz, Kiki Hamers-Ries, Kim Claessens, ik zeg niet langer wachten met tickets halen!

DJ BIG ROB, DJ Kicken,

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