• Drugs (hard and soft) are forbidden. By ascertaining dealing drugs, deliverance to the police will follow immediately.
  • Minimum age 18 years. Valid ID at all times obliged!
  • Stroke-, stab or fire weapons, sharp objects and all other objects which can be used as weapons are strictly forbidden.

    Pepperspray and tear gas are not tolerated.

  • Expressions of soccer clubs and city- or provincial indications by form or clothing, caps etc. are strictly forbidden.
  • No cameras (normal, digital or throw away).
  • All instructions of organisation, security and barpersonel must be followed. Refusal can lead to removal

    from the location.

  • Wardrobe obliged.
  • By entering the premises one automatically agrees to be searched.
  • Aggression (also oral) and threaths to personel or security, as well as destruction of goods and property are


  • It’s strictly forbidden to find one selves at shutt-off spaces or areas, or at emergency spaces.
  • The organisation cannot be held responsible
    for damage
    originated by own irresponsibility before, during or after the event.
  • The organisation cannot be held responsible
    for damage to your properties. It doesn’t matter if this damage is done by theft, destruction or loss.
  • Gatherings, which can tarnish the public order,
    are not tolerated.
  • By leaving the premises you need to take the shortest route
    to your car or public transport.
  • Bringing and consuming own drinks and food
    at the event is forbidden.
  • It’s forbidden to open, block or abuse the emergency exits otherwise,
    without necessity.
  • By entering the premises you automatically agree to
    be recorder at video- and audiomaterial as part of the public and
    no rights can be derived from this.
  • If you don’t agree with these rules or violate these rules above,
    access will be denied to you or you will be removed.
  • No return of goods taken by security, organisation or police!
  • Smoking not allowed at indoor venue. Smoke zone is available.