The third edition of 90’s Forever OUTDOOR will take place on Saturday 6 July 2019. A unique festival at an exceptional location in the heart of Limburg and the border region! The organisers of 90’s and 80’s Forever indoor, which have meanwhile developed into one of the best events of their kind in the Benelux, will ensure this festival again exceeds all standards in this genre! The southern Netherlands and the border region will experience the ultimate classic feel-good Festival, which is not to be missed.

High-quality technology, production, organisation, and especially artists, will ensure the venue is transformed into a party area where young an old can enjoy a long day out on Saturday 6 July 2019. The top priority is to offer the public an all-round music, dance, theatre and entertainment experience.


The doors to the 2019 OUTDOOR edition of 90’s Forever open on Saturday 6 July 2019 at 15:00 hours! The doors to 90’s Forever Airport close at 01.00 hours, after the final act.


Food & snacks, market, lockers, chill out areas with seats, First-Aid point and ATMs.


Strict conditions are set to bringing medication to the festival. The medication must be in its original packaging, with a prescription from a qualified doctor/physician. Our security and Medical Team will check this personally.


Loud music is inevitable at a festival. Healthy hearing is important. You should treat it with care. You can purchase earplugs at the merchandise stand so you can enjoy the music safely. Sun protection is also a must at festivals. If weather conditions are as good as they were at the 2018 edition, you’d better be well prepared! Brown suntanned skin is better than bright red skin!

NOTE! You may bring a small container of sunblock. Sprays (deodorant, sunblock, hair lacquer, etc.) are NOT permitted and may therefore not be brought onto the festival grounds.


In corporation with Ibis Budget Hotel Stein – Maastricht, 90’s Forever provides the best festival experience!

This brand new hotel is situated close to the A2 motorway and just 10 minutes’ drive from Maastricht Airport. The accommodation is easily accessible by car and public transport. Are you spending the night at Ibis Budget Hotel Stein – Maastricht during 90’s Forever Outdoor? Then you have the opportunity to check out late (2:00pm) plus we arrange free transfer to the festival grounds.

Book your 90’s Forever arrangement at Ibis Budget Hotel directly: (+31) 46 207 10 10


When you get to Europalaan or exit no. 50 (MAA – Ulestraten), follow the route to the parking areas surrounding the festival grounds. This route will get you to a parking bay the quickest.

Parking costs are €10 per day (per car). NOTE! Parking illegally is not permitted. You risk a fine and your car being towed (at your expense!).

VIP ticket holders: Follow the route to the parking areas surrounding the festival grounds. Separate parking will be available for VIP ticket holders. NOTE! Entry is with a valid VIP ticket only.


There will be bicycle storage facilities near the entrance to the festival grounds where you can park your bicycle free of charge.

You can find the quickest route to Luxemburglaan, Maastricht-Airport, the Netherlands via


IMPORTANT: Because of the railway being under construction between Sittard – Maastricht from 6 July until 14 July, buses will replace the trains. Plan your trip 10 days beforehand to make sure you have the latest travel information.

Extra time when traveling by train: 15 to 30 minutes. For this reason, we have arranged dedicated festival buses in cooperation with Jacobs Travel for just €15.

Benefits from using this bus?

– Bus stop is directly in front of the festival grounds

– You can add an extra stop in Limburg when traveling with a large group.

– Departure time will not vary. This means you can experience the spectacular final show.

– For just €15 you will have a trustworthy driver!

NOTE! It will not be possible to buy a one way ticket.

Address: Luxemburglaan, Maastricht-Airport, The Netherlands


Want to avoid the hassle of deciding who will be the designated driver this year? We are providing safe bus transport to and from the festival in partnership with Jacobs Travel! We have various points where you can catch the bus at flexible times across the whole province of Limburg.

Book your bus ticket now via:

If you want to add a bus stop, or have another query about bus travel, contact, or call 043-6013877


NOTE! It is essential to register for organised bus transport if you want to make use of this service. Register via:


From the railway station Beek-Elsloo You can use our free shuttle services to and from the 90’s Forever Outdoor festival terrain. These buses depart every half hour from 02:45pm until 06:45pm. And depart again from 11:00pm to 01:00am every half hour.
Bear this in mind when planning your return journey! Plan your journey well! There are no trains running between Sittard and Maastricht this weekend, only buses. The last bus leaves at 00:30am from Beek-Elsloo station.
From Maastricht and Sittard it is also possible to travel with our organized bus trip to and from the festival site. In cooperation with Jacobs Travel we take care of comfort and convenience! We have various points where you can catch the bus at flexible times across the whole province of Limburg. Adding a boarding place is also possible. Please contact Jacos Travel immediately!
Book your cheap bus ticket here via the link below:


There is a Kiss & Ride point at the festival grounds for guests who want to be dropped off and picked up. Follow the signs to get to the Kiss & Ride point quickly. NOTE! Ensure you arrange the correct time and place in advance! Parking is not permitted at the Kiss & Ride point!


Subject to capacity and depending on numbers, we have special packages available for companies, staff associations and/or student associations. If there is sufficient interest in this event from staff members or employees in your organisation, this could be the ideal outing. Enquire about special offers and rates via


If you are celebrating your birthday on Saturday 6 July or Sunday 7 July 2019 and you are 18 or older, you receive a free ticket to 90’s Forever Outdoor 2019. Read the terms and conditions here first, then contact the organisation.

  • Send your full details (name, address, telephone number and date of birth) to the organisers by email. The organisers will contact you and inform you of the date, place and time where you can collect the ticket in person.
  • You therefore need to ensure you have a valid form of ID (no copies), because you will need to present it. You are also entitled to bring a maximum of 8 friends (aged 18 or over) at a reduced price. You pay € 29.50 per ticket instead of € 36.50. You therefore save € 7 as well as the reservation costs. These details must be confirmed in your email in advance. The outstanding sum can be paid via bank transfer, or in cash on delivery of the tickets.
  • Tickets already purchased for friends or the person whose birthday it is cannot be returned at the reduced rate.
  • This promotion runs until 1 June 2019! All requests received after this date will NOT be considered. Please bear this in mind!
  • To clarify: the promotion is only intended for people whose birthday is on 6 July or 7 July. Therefore not on 5 July or 8 July. Such requests will not be considered either.

We look forward to hearing from you party animals!

Maastricht Aachen Airport, Europlaan/Aviation Valley.