REGLEMENT 90’s Forever


Entering the event and attending the performances are entirely on visitors own risk. Visitors are required to be able to legitimize at the entrance! Valid documents are passport, identity card and driving license. Copies are not valid! Also during the event 90’s Forever you have to, if asked, show your legitimacy. Visitors are required to comply with regulations and/or indications of the (security) personnel. Wheelchair places are available on request. During the event (photo) recordings will be made. By entering the event the visitors are giving permission to the Organization to reproduce, publish and/or use the recordings for promotional purposes. Violence and aggression will not be tolerated. At brawling follows expulsion of all parties. The program or subject can be change. The Organization has the right to modify or change the program. When one or more acts are cancelled cards or funds will not be returned. The Organization will take care of an alternative program. It is not allowed, without the permission of the Organization, to spread brochures or other promotional items. By circumstances, where certain rules find no clarification, the judgement of the Organization is always leading. By entering the event you agree with the rules of the procedures or policy.


Entrance tickets and tokens

Only entrance tickets, available via authorized selling points are valid. The cards will be checked for authenticity. It is forbidden to resell tickets to third parties and/or to provide third parties in any way or in connection with commercial purposes. Once purchased tickets and/or drink (eat) tokens will not reversed and are only valid on the published edition.



When entering the event you give permission to the services to frisk you. Those who don’t give permission will be removed or refused of access to the location without refund of entrances fees. It is forbidden to extend in other spaces, during 90’s Forever, or to go to different areas or locations which not is entitled on your ticket (except being the place itself and the route necessary to reach that place, to leave the terrain and the associated public services). By leaving the restricted part of the location (which the admission ticket), the validity of the ticket will immediately expire. Use of clothes lockers and/or wardrobe is mandatory. The cost per safety deposit box consist rental costs and escrow fees for the key. The deposit will return to you when you return the key. The Organization shall and cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of any objects. The images on the event will be recorded by security cameras used by the order services. It is forbidden to take glassware, plastic bottles, cans, drugs, Fireworks, (fire) weapons, dangerous objects or recording equipment to take with you to the event location. It is forbidden to take or use professional photo or film equipment, without special proven permission of the Organization. Also professional photo equipment or cameras with interchangeable lenses are forbidden. It is not allowed to bring pets. The Organization can deny access to certain persons, or remove them of the event location without contents of reason. You may be denied access if you are drunk or under the influence of drugs of any kind. If you don’t contribute or refuses to an investigation of clothes and/or bags, you need to leave the event location immediately. Based on your behavior at the event, location or public way around the event, venue and/or the parking the Organization and staff are allowed at all times to deny your access. People throwing drinks and/or food will be removed.


Food and drinks

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the event. This can be taken and returned to you after the Event. The fine or rectification concerning drinking can be recovered from the offender. It is forbidden to take plastic cups and snack boxes outside the event venue. Strong alcoholic drinks or beverages containing strong alcoholic products are only sold to visitors 18 years of age or older. In case of doubt about the age of the visitor, the Organization or persons designated by the Organization has the right to ask for identification by a valid photo ID which shows the visitor’s age.



Liability and damage

90’s Forever and any partners or the people working for this event, cannot be held responsible for any injury such as hearing disorder etc. and/or damage to property, which visitors of the event may experience, neither in nor outside the area or location of the event. 90’s Forever and any partners or the people working for this event, cannot be held responsible for any injury, damage and/or theft inflicted by other parties. Damage caused by visitors is going to be recovered by them. This includes damage to equipment caused by throwing drinks etc. and any other kind of damage.


Other provisions

The Organization has the right to appoint other parties to actualize these terms and conditions at any time. If one or more of the above provisions are not (entirely) or will be legally valid, this leaves the validity of the remaining provisions unaffected. In case of invalidity of any provision, we will replace and renew the policy such as, a new provision that corresponding ineffective with the old as far as possible, in content, scope and objective. Legislation, regulations, decisions, conditions, and terms of conditions by the Government are integrally bound. Also the provisions in the criminal law, as far as attitude and behavior on the public highway and/ or, on 90’s Forever applied or used we shall apply corresponding applications.



Since 2008, there is a general smoking restriction in public places. This includes also event locations. Also on 90’s Forever, it is therefore not allowed to smoke. On the event location you may only smoke in the designated outdoor smoking area. The security people will ensure compliance with this smoking proscription. People, who smoke in a space within the smoking restricting will be removed from the event after first asked polite and requested to put out their cigarette or to go to the smoking area. If this causes any problems, persons who do not comply with the smoking policy will be removed from the event location.